Monday, March 7, 2011

Cricket mad or actually Mad?


Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, brand – comm.
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Ram said...

Dear Mr. Sridhar, I can empathise with you because my criketing career( i mean viewing) too started in Chennai when I saw the 1974 test between India and West Indies and G.R. Viswanath played a brilliant innings of 97. And to be honest it was love at first sight and till date the affair is on. I live in Mumbai these days and unlike you I havent got my seat at wankhede fixed yet.
Coming to the world cup itself i think the format is ridiculous and I dont understand how you can have a quaterfinal knockout when there are only 8 test teams. So basically all of them are into the quaters even before the WC started.
And in the knockout it doesnt matter whether you topped your group are you were in the bottom. It is sudden death and anyone can beat anyone. Infact most often the team that peaks too early doesnt win the cup.
So essentially this World Cup is just for 1 week from March 23 to April 2nd. Fingers crossed.

Ramanujam Sridhar said...

Oh I too was at Chepauk when I watched Vishwanath play that immortal innings. I agree with you, that it is a crazy format and designed so that there is no repeat of 2007.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Vinoth Ur friend said...

Hi sir,
This is again Vinoth Gandhi from Gnanam school of business.i already told as that i am learning lot of practical aspects in marketing and advertising from this blog for the last two years. But internally i am learning lot of cricket and great moments of cricket through your blog in these days... And u told that your boss welcomed u to the Advertising sector as " welcome to the madhouse" but here i have to tell you with humbleness, sir you are welcoming, motivating me to the marketing and advertising field through your blogs so may be it will be a mad house but here u are teaching and training us guys in lot of things.... thank u so much for that... now to our world cup matter... i am sure sir that during the next cricket series u will surely tell as " i was there when dhoni lifts the cup on april 2nd 2011" and we will learn lot of marketing and cricket at that time too.... thank u so much sir....

shrini said...

Both of you are speaking abt the cricket matches which happened before even i was born!!! Nevertheless, the interest has not subsided and as the fact of the matter goes, the interest grows with your age.I remember the days of my childhood wherein i used to believe there did exist a criteria of minimum runs to be scored between 2 players to be called as partnership.. adn just a run or two were never called partnership.. sounds funny... from those days to the days of dada to Dhoni, its really been a fantabulous journey and all I wish is India win the world cup,not jus for Sachin, not just for the viewers but essentially for the players to build in the confidence and passion for the sport and the 50 over format.. Else i really feel that India would easily get incentivised with the growing 20-20 format and loose out in the 50 over matches, the only possible reason attributable being "the lack of passion".