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A Lookback At Narendra Modi’s Year Of Being India’s Prime Marketer

It's a year of Narendra Modi taking oath as the 15th Prime Minister of India. Modi's election juggernaut in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls has been held as an example of how to prepare and successfully implement a marketing and branding campaign.

Irrespective of faith, ideology and voting decision, there has been no escaping 'Modi'. His image and in-your-face messaging have overshadowed all other brands - even that of his own party.

And since Modi came into power, India has emerged as the global giant in terms of foreign policy and economic stability. He has been successful in reviving the image of India in front of international communities.

Modi is not just seen as an administrator, but as the acting CMO of India, who knows that fame and success for the country comes in when you are creating the right buzz, spreading the right message and talking the right things at the places that matter.

So, as the man is completing one year at the centre today, we decided to speak to leaders of the Indian advertising industry to know what they think of Modi—the CMO of India.

Brand Modi
Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather India, was one of the guys who handled Modi's election campaign. He was of the view that Modi has laid a great foundation and going forward it will only grow and reap benefits for the country. "He has set the ball rolling with his plans such as Swachh Bharat, NE Policies, Bima Yojna, Mudra Bank for small entrepreneurs, and others. He has four years to go and these plans along with others will fructify because the seeds are already sown and people will have to wait before they start reaping benefits. It is not like instant coffee, people will benefit but they will have to wait," he added.

Pandey further believed that there is a positive feeling and sentiment across the denizens of the globe. "I travel a lot and when people talk to me about India in a positive (and these people do not have an agenda) it feels really good. People tell that the governance of the country is in the right hands and it's on a positive track. So on that front he has done a great job.

Jagdeep Kapoor, Chairman and Managing Director Samsika, says, "Brand Modi has become stronger and stronger with a clear performance oriented approach, through internal and external marketing, building up Brand India on the development path. No other Indian leader has been able to positively catch the imagination of the world in such a short period of time. His usage of social media, his travel and speeches and his 'Mann ki Baat' on radio have propelled Brand Modi to a higher positive level."

Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO, brand-comm thought that what Modi has done in a year is pretty good. But in the relative terms, after what people saw in the previous government the expectations are sky high and unreasonable.
"On the foreign part, though he has been abroad for 53 days, I think his priorities were clear and that was to get brand India recognised globally. I see all his attempts in the larger context are a message saying that give us our due in world politics. And I think it is his greatest contribution. I think his image abroad is far superior to what he has in India. I think his priorities were clear that India's image is bad outside and the NRI Indian should have a say and he needs confidence in the country of his origin. Many of these countries where he has visited, his dynamism has done a great deal for India and Indians," he adds.

Modi, The CMO
Modi has a way of saying that India wants to be a global player and he believes in the inclusive growth and wants to be included. As per Jagdeep Kapoor, Chairman and Managing Director Samsika, Modi is clearly the CMO of India. "As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Modi has inspired Indians all across the world, acquired world stage spotlight, aspired many in India and the world to lead better and cleaner lives and the best of all has marketed Brand India very effectively to the entire globe. Cleanliness, yoga, economy, IPR, development, growth, humanity are all ingredients which the CMO has propagated about Brand India."

"The biggest aspect of his one year governance is that he has been seen as a disciplinarian. He is positive about the future and does not want to sound like veterans. He is talking to the youth in a language that they understand and want to listen. He is present on all the platforms where youth spend their time which is social and digital media. Other platforms such as Mann ki baat where he is reaching out to a larger number of people, he is respecting the past, and trying to create a future and create a leadership which creates leaders. This is the difference that we see in the Modi and previous leaders," states Pandey.

As per Sridhar, Modi's greatest achievement is what he has done globally and his greatest failure has been his inability to curb his ministers. "He has been very focused. One might get sidetracked because of these things but he has kept away from this. The only place where he has not scored high is matching the expectations of the people. Expectations are high and that is something you cannot control because you yourself have built them. I believe that soon you will see the evidence of what he is doing. And all the signs are there and we just hope he is effective and deliver results and action on the ground."

According to Kapoor, brand Modi emerged as a global leader and has put Brand India, strongly and positively on the world map. The impact has been a positive benefit to Indians all across the world with present and future gains for the economy, for development, for brand image and for self respect.

Performance Chart
Modi's brand quotient has grown, and so has India's. The core-values of Brand Modi have been strengthened and sharpened. Brand Modi is involved, is visible, is action oriented, is proactive and not reactive and is purposive and clear.

"Brand Modi has put Brand India on the world stage with great respect and aspiration. I would give Brand Modi 9 out of 10 on his brand quotient," states Kapoor.

Piyush Pandey however would like to see is that more team members are contributing. "CEO and CMO's are the people who create leaders and they are known for it, so I would like to see a scenario where each player is performing. Alone captain cannot do, they need the support of their team. He is a great captain so we need to see his team performing," he adds.

"To my mind, he is a very pragmatic person. I think Gujarat had been fairly easy for him to show what he can do and was like a cakewalk, but he is not able to enjoy the same free run in the country. I would rate this performance as very good. 7/10," comments Sridhar.

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