Monday, January 10, 2011

The Year That Was "2010" - Business Lessons To Be Learnt



Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, brand – comm.
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quizup said...

Great article sir..!
my thoughts-

@NANO- i think initailly tata motors relied on the free publicity it was getting for Nano than going for promotional activities... then, after reading the response from the market, they came up with TVC and print ads all these focusing on the product and the features...trying to show that in no way nano inferior to other small cars in the market.. but i think what they forgot is the consumer.. who should buy a nano- students? working women? why should somebody buy a NANO- a 2nd smaller car for busy traffic? easy parking? the BEST first car?

@AIRTEL- Indian mobile comm industry saw a lot of changes in the period of a year notably 3G, MNP and may be per-second-billing.. shouldn't have the the biggest player in the country focused its efforts and money on product-offering rather than a makeover (that too a senseless one..!)? even if they wanted this makeover very badly to get a modern look and feel like their co-players, was this the right time for it?

@NOKIA- A leader whose lead is getting thinner and thinner year after year.. now G'Five has snatched the No.2 spot from samsung.. i think nokia has fought the war from all fronts.. product range, pricing, marketing campaigns.. but sadly things doesn't seem to fall in place for them.. this is why Indian consumers are so weird..! they don't mind carrying a phone labeled "NOKAI" but don't prefer to be seen riding around in a nano..!!