Monday, September 16, 2013

Outlook Business - Juicing it up

Why is it important to build a brand around a ubiquitous product like sugarcane juice?

With the rise of two brands in Bangalore, namely Cane Fresh and Cane-O-LA, the much loved sugarcane juice is being served in comfortable, hygienic settings across the city. However, both brands are grappling with the issue of low margins thanks to the consumer being reluctant to pay a premium for the product.

 The only way that a premium can be extracted from this niche product with limited appeal is to build a brand.

I have weighed in with my opinion in this Outlook Business article on juicing it up. Can you think of other such products that can / have been able to charge a premium because a brand has been built around them? Do leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Aarthi Srinath said...

Qua water - from its packaging to its description to the logo and name, everything about it screams premium esp when compared to something like Himalaya water

Hpmc apple juice is an example of a brand that did not capitalise on the opportunity

Hide n seek biscuits v/s Milano biscuits

Forest essentials

Aarthi Srinath said...

Qua water vs Himalaya
Milano biscuits vs Hide n seek
Forest essentials vs Biotique