Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Brands that got marketing right in 2012

As the clouds of the return of the economic slowdown loomed large in 2012, the business sentiment remained dull throughout. That directly impacted the marketing initiatives of brands too. At the time of the year, when everyone is coming up with the ‘Best’ & ‘Worst’ of the year list, we at Pitch too tried to shortlist best of the marketing initiatives. The struggle to come up with our own ‘Top 10’ list began from thereon.

Reaching out to experts to know their favourites, resulted in comments like, “Despite all the talk and the hype when I sit back and think of the year gone by, there has been very little that has made me stand up and cheer.”

Kiran Khalap, Co-founder, Chlorophyll, could list only three – Flipkart, Satyamev Jayate and Gujarat Tourism.

Meanwhile, Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, BrandComm., thought that most brands and marketers are doing “more of the same” and are relying too  much on advertising to provide innovation and being different. Four events that cross his mind are digitisation of TV channels in all metro cities; item songs being used for promoting low involvement products (Zandu Balm, Fevicol); Cross-Promotion of mega TV serials on prime time: Combining two mega television serials into one  episode to combine viewership and cross-promote serials; and crowd sourcing for an expensive idea: Tanishq launched an onlie contest, ‘My Expression’, inviting consumers to submit ideas for sub-brand Mia, a new line of jewellery for young working women.

Putting stress to their minds, some other experts ended up saying that there was nothing worthwhile. That also forced us to go back to our drawing-boards and sift through our research work. We too couldn’t come up with anything exemplary. The strategy was rearranged to come up with a list of brands that throughout, in a tough year, kept the momentum up, through various marketing initiatives. So instead of a single marketing initiative cutting across the 4Ps, we have a list of 10 brands that got their marketing mix right. In difficult years like 2009 and 2012, as marketers go cost-cutting and refrain from reaching out to the consumer, it is these brands like our top 10, who shine as they follow the golden rule of not letting off the foot from the accelerator.

The Top 10
1. Satyamev Jayate
2. Philips
3. The Hindu
4. Penguin Books India
5. Raymond
6. Windows 8
7. BMW
8. Cadbury
10. Nokia Lumia

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sandeepish said...

Not sure SMJ must be on the top of the list. When the programme began, its association with brand Aamir Khan was enough to its sustain brand recall. After few episodes, I think the sheen was lost.

Brand Aamir possible got good mileage out of this, but the programme itself fell short of entertainment among other goals. The marketing team at Star Plus apparantly wanted to create a programme that a family would sit and watch together on a Sunday morning - much like the Ramandand Sagar's Ramayan days, but the concept/content was just not the type of programme a family would like to "enjoy" together I feel. In any case, the TRPs suggest that the brand has had decreasing recall, so really why SMJ I feel may just not be the #1 brand of 2012.