Monday, January 16, 2012

Year of the break-away agency?

Anna Hazare and his campaign against corruption was one of the most widely followed stories on the media last year.

The ad industry's attention was once again drawn to people processes.

I met the head of the Indian operations of a large MNC a few days ago and asked him how the year had been and he made a telling comment. “Well, the only thing I can tell you is that I am glad 2011 is over.” The Indian cricket fan too would endorse the sentiment entirely, as contrary to bookmakers' predictions and my own hopes, India slumped to an embarrassing defeat in the Boxing Day test, which thankfully ended the cricketing action for the year.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When value took centre-stage

For the Indian consumer in 2011, economy was distinct from parsimony, and values too, came to the forefront.

The Boxing Day test is overshadowing even the deadline of my year-end column. In a sense it is easier to review the past than to predict the future. So let me stay with the past (as befitting people of my age) and not worry unduly about the outcome of India's Australia tour even if I can feel the excitement of a possible Indian win (after ages) in every pore of my body. How was the year for marketing and the consumer? And what about the poor advertising agency? As usual I believe in the collective wisdom of my peers many of whom are storehouses and repositories of information on marketing and the consumer just as Wisden has always been on cricket. So I humbly dedicate this column (errors et al) to my quietly wise friends whom I reached out to in my hour of need.

A new value-seeker

Thanks to reports of doom and gloom the average Indian consumer has stopped splurging. (Or has he?)